Round table


With the participation of O.V. Kirillova, the president of the Association of Scientific Editors and Publishers (ASEP), the chairman of the Russian Expert Council (REC) on the selection and promotion of journals in Scopus

‘Creation of the best strategy for the development of a scientific publication or how to compete with “Nature”.

As a part of School of Scientific Crafts “SciCraft Tatarstan 2018” a round table with free discussion will be held for employees and representatives of editorial boards of scientific journals. There will be reports on current informal and concealed (implicit) requirements for scientific publications in printed and electronic forms, not only for indexation in international databases, but also for successful competition for the audience of authors, readers and reviewers — both from the part of organizations (databases, indexers, institutions) and from the scientific community. The purpose of the event is the exchange of experience in the development of scientific publications, their inclusion in international databases, the expansion of the readership and the author’s audience, as well as suggestions for new ways to increase the role of domestic periodicals in the international scientific space.

Format: onsite event.

Forms of participation:

  • Attendees. All attendees will have the opportunity to take part in the discussion.
  • Lecturers. Those wishing to make a presentation will have the opportunity to make a viva-voce report within 5-7 minutes.

Moderator: Yury Philippov, head of the support services of electronic versions of the scientific journals of Eco-Vector Publishing House

Date and time: 12 february 2018, 16.00 – 18.30

Partner of the Round Table: Association of Scientific Editors and Publishers (ASEP)